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FREE Upgrade - Consolidated Loyalty System - The FIND CASH APP

The phones we carry around are pretty smart, but they can be a Lot Smarter.

Time to UNLOCK the TRUE POWER of your Phone.

Why should you Download?
C/NET has an opinion.
This one is about Beacons.

There is also GeoFencing

Consolidated Loyalty System

What if you only had One Place to go for All your Loyalty Programs for All Merchants, right on the One Device you Always have with you?

What if each time it was just a Quick Scan and your rewards were updated instantly and every program was up to date and individually tracked?

No cards or Kiosks to mess with, one device for everything, and just Click, Click, Done.

The Whats-OUT Loyalty System for ALL Merchants

~ All your Loyalty systems in One Place.
~ Tracks Every One individually.
~ Does everything Automatically.
~ Alerts you to Special App Only Deals.
~ Earn Points for even More Rewards.

Time for A Whole New Experience in Shopping

The "Around Me" function finds merchants who want your patronage and are willing to Treat you Special.

It will find deals that are Close Right Now.
There is even a Map View to Click on a business.
Favorite the businesses you want and open up a whole new way to Engage with them.

You have Total Control.

Businesses are using GeoFence Technology so you can see who is close starting with the closest right now.
You LIKE the businesses you choose to open up a whole new level of Engagement.

You have all the control, you decide who you want to engage with, what types of ads and when.
No more constantly being bombarded with ads from merchants across the state like with other apps.

You just SHOW it to them

Now think about this... You happen to be in a business you frequent and they don't have the app. 
Just walk up to the owner, show them your app and simply ask, "Why don't you have this?  It's FREE."
Maybe point to someone passing by and say, "What about them. Why aren't they coming in?"

Do you think More Business Now appeals to the business owner?

They get a Feee Listing in our International App and once they start to see it bring customers in the door they will want to Engage those customers with offers, announcements, GeoTargeting, Beacons, etc. To do that they pay us a monthly Subscription for the plan or system they choose.

You are using it anyway so why not show it to a Business Owner?

Simply ask the owner why they aren't using it to get more customers in the door? After all, you would have used it in their business.

It's FOUND Money

Now the Fun Begins.
The Business owner will be curious. They have probably never seen it before.
Open your app, go to the Menu and note the "Suggest a Place" near the bottom of the page.
Just fill it out and submit. That's it, we take it from there.

The business will be tagged to you. They will start out with the Free Listing and later on, when they decide to subscribe to one of our packages, you get paid.
There is no limit to the number of businesses you can do this with.

So Why a Finders Fee?

Traditional Advertising doesn't work for us. We would need to spend $Thousands to be successful so why not simply let the folks who use it SHOW it in action, and pay them rather than some nameless company? 

These Advertising agencies are Extremely Expensive and we prefer to pay folks who are already using our app and love it.

It's Like This

Why would we pay some company when we can pay Real Folks who use the app because they Love it?

Download Now.

Whats-OUT lets you know Whats Out there and you find those Deals that are Close to you NOW.